Daily Market Update

A daily summary which covers movement in indices (both market indices and our own sectoral indices), turnover (both market and sectoral), top ten gainers, top ten losers and top ten traded stocks for the day. It also includes important company news for the day regarding corporate declaration or any other price-sensitive news that may impact the market price of a particular company. If you wish receive this Daily Market Update please send your email to the following:
1Daily Market Update   (19-Sep-2013)
2Daily Market Update   (18-Sep-2013)
3Daily Market Update   (17-Sep-2013)
4Daily Market Update   (16-Sep-2013)
5Daily Market Update   (15-Sep-2013)
6Daily Market Update   (12-Sep-2013)
7Daily Market Update   (11-Sep-2013)
8Daily Market Update   (10-Sep-2013)
9Daily Market Update   (09-Sep-2013)
10Daily Market Update   (08-Sep-2013)
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