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Online Trading FAQ
BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited wants investors to make educated decisions about online trading. We want investors to have reasonable expectations about the possible success of their online trading, and to consider the risks as well as the rewards of employing these promising new investing facilities. Here are frequently asked questions about the basics of online trading:
What is online trading?
Generally, online trading refers to buying and selling securities via the Internet or other electronic means such as wireless access, touch-tone telephones, and other new technologies. With online trading, in most cases customers access a brokerage firm's Web Site through their regular Internet Service Provider. Once there, customers may consult information provided on the Web Site and log into their accounts to place orders and monitor account activity. Please note that, the online trading system only allows users to submit trade (buy/sell) instructions; traded will be executed through the stock exchange systems by the traders following the online trade instructions given by the investors via online trading system.
Is there still a brokerage firm involved or do I really bypass the broker completely?
All trades involve a brokerage firm even if a stockbroker is not used to help with the trade. Although customers may enter orders for trades via the Internet, customers do not have direct access to the securities markets and therefore must use a brokerage firm in order to execute their trades. Customers should also remember to do their homework where their investments are concerned.
What kinds of securities can I buy online?
You can buy almost any type of stock, mutual fund (whatever is traded in stock market) online.
What's the difference between a market price order and price limit order? Is one better than the other?
With a market order the customer instructs his or her brokerage firm to buy or sell a stock at whatever the price is when the trade is executed, presumably as soon as possible. If the price of the stock is moving quickly and there is a delay in the transmission of the order, then the price at which the customer purchases or sells the stock may be very different than what the customer expected when the order was placed. With a limit order, the customer specifies the price at which he or she is willing to buy or sell. Limit orders can help protect customers from rapid price changes when markets are moving fast. However, there is the risk that the limit order will not be executed. Also note that limit orders usually cost a bit more time than market orders.
How do I know my brokerage firm received my order?
An E-Mail with the detailed information will be sent to the subscribed E-mail address and status will be updated in system accordingly. Please note that high Internet traffic, market volume, and other systems issues may affect your ability to access your account or transmit your orders and may delay receipt of your order.
Is my order executed immediately?
Orders entered electronically are usually executed quickly; however, there is no assurance that this will always occur. Investors should be aware that high trading volumes can cause delays in executions. Market volatility and delays in executions due to trading volume can result in trade executions at prices significantly different from the quoted price of the security at the time the order was entered. The speed of the Internet Service Provider used by an investor may also have an effect on order transmittal and execution. Timing in execution of orders may also be impacted by market volume, order queues at market centers, possible delays in order transmissions by brokers, and other systems issues.
What are the risks of online trading?
There is risk of loss associated with investing in securities regardless of the method used. New investors need to understand the principles of investing, their own risk tolerance, and their investment goals before venturing into the market. In addition, online investors may want to consider these other risks. High Internet traffic may affect online investors' ability to access their account or transmit their orders. Online investors should be skeptical of stock advice and tips provided in chat rooms or bulletin boards. Investors should do their own research before acting on these tips. Also, for some online investors, there is a temptation to "overtrade" by trading too frequently or impulsively without considering their investment goals or risk tolerance. Overtrading can effect investment performance, raise trading costs, and complicate your tax situation.
How can I modify the orders?
Orders entered electronically will show the status as Initiate. When trader puts the order in trade machine, the status will be changed to Submit. Till the status of Submit the order can be modified. After submit status the investor will not be able to change or modify.
How do I notify about the orders?
Online Investors will get notification via E-mail at each level during trade execution. When order is submitted in the trade machine, when order is executed and after trading hour a Trade confirmation E-mail will be sent to Investor.
How can I avail ON-Line Trading Services?
To avail this service interested Investors are requested to contact with nearest BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Branch and collect ON-Line Trading Application Form. After submitting signed & filled up application form BESL will activate ON-Line trading facility for the investors.
How can I register with ON-Line Trading Systems?
After the activation of On-Line trading facility for the clients, an E-mail with the trading ID & Password will be sent to subscribe E-mail address. By default the created password will be used for first time login and the client have to change the password at first logon.
Where can I get more information?
We have published guidance and other information for members and investors on the issue of online investing, as well as information about what to look out for when investing in general. In addition for further query you may E-mail at or Contact at Mobile: 01730727940. For getting the On-Line trading manual please click here.