Save Plus Information (FAQ)

Q: What is Save Plus ?
A: 'Save Plus' is our latest campaign that provides the perfect investment plan with a low risk and consistent dividend yield portfolio. ‘Save Plus’ is developed for the risk averse investors who have are looking to gradually build-up their savings into a strong retirement fund.
Q: What are the features of 'Save Plus' ?
A: Save Plus provides our clients with the below diversified features in their portfolio that provides high return in the long term:
  • Income Fund: Higher potential returns due to higher duration
  • Balanced Fund: Dynamic equity exposure to enhance the returns
  • Blue chip Fund: Investments in large cap equities
  • Opportunities Fund: Investments in mid-cap equities
Q: What are the benefits of 'Save Plus' ?
  • Your initial deposit of BDT 2,00,000, will gradually grow
  • Portfolio management by skilled professionals who are guided by our expert research team
  • Regular feedback on your portfolio
  • Tax benefits
Q: Who are the target customers ?
  • Who wants to invest or have already invested in Capital Market
  • Who wants a long term investment plan with a professionally managed portfolio
  • Who are 18 years and above and who are self-assured and relatively ambitious
Q: What are the investment criteria ?
A: It is a force savings plan (2-5 years) to secure your future. The investment starts with minimum BDT 2,00,000 with a minimum deposit of BDT 5,000 on monthly basis.
Q: Contact Information ?

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Call: +88-01777709888 | Land Line: + (880)-2-8819421-5